Holistic treatment for addiction – healing the whole patient

Almost every exaggeration is an unhealthy attempt to compensate a deficit in something else. Based on slightly modified theory, every addiction has its underlying emotional or psychological causes that lead individual to excessive use and finally abuse of some vice. Usually, addiction is the result of patient’s incapability to deal with the stress of everyday’s life or lack of strength to overcome some particular huge problem in life or simply the result of maladaptation process in some challenging circumstances.

Knowing all this, narrowed approach to treating only physical symptoms of substance abuse or withdrawal symptom during the process of rehab usually isn’t enough. If the underlying causes of addiction aren’t solved, the chances are the patient will face relapse soon after the traditional treatment is over.


Addiction is a reflexion of one person being deeply troubled by something, and the best treatment approach is the one combining traditional medical detox with various psychotherapies and methods that appeal to the patient as a whole person equally constructed out of the body, mind, and soul or spirit. This method of healing is what holistic recovery tries to apply.

Recovery concept.The founding idea is to approach the addict as to a complex person and aim his overall recovery, not just the withdrawal of physical symptoms of addiction. Holistic treatment practices non-medical methods in an attempt to restore patient’s physical, mental, emotional and overall inner balance. These methods should strengthen patient’s will to resist temptations in the future, find a healthier way to cope with actual causes of addiction and to design some new model of life excluding the abused substance out of it.

Two most important aspects of holistic treatment are nutritional and exercise or recreational therapy. Both have the final aim to create a healthy body, strong and empowered to fight the risky habit. Daily exercise constructed to enable the patient to make some small victories and successes on daily bases, boosts not only the physical condition but will, self-confidence and perseverance as well.


Meditation is another commonly applied technique. The final goal of meditation is to balance patient’s mind, clear his thoughts and calm his inner unrest. The similar effect is achieved through yoga, tai chi or any similar activity.

Any additional activity or aspect, such as massage and acupuncture, helping the body to relax, relieve stress and energize is welcomed in the holistic treatment.

The treatment is usually combined with various cognitive or behavioral psychotherapies, as well as art and creative sessions. All of these are used to help patient express himself, inner issues and complex feelings looking for relief.

Counseling and conversation with an expert or dealing with the problem through talking to other patients with similar problems have the comforting effect. Involving patient in any activity that will improve his self-esteem, social skills and strengthen his character are also integrated as part of holistic drug treatment services.

Most of the rehab centers nowadays offer traditional medical supervised detox combined with a holistic approach, and the therapy options can be found easily. The only thing needed after you pick the right rehab center is strong commitment and tenacity.

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